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The Sandbox Juniors, AVPFirst New York Results

The Sandbox was proud to sponsor 4 junior beach volleyball teams in the 2017 New York AVP tour stop. We were able to send two 18 & under and two 16 & under teams. They all had a great showing in pool play of the AVPFirst tournament. One of our 18U teams broke pool, and both 16U teams broke pool with an undefeated record. One of our 16U teams made ... More

Juniors Volleyball Tournaments

Sandbox is proud to announce or Juniors Volleyball Tournament Schedule. June 28th 2015 July 26th 2015 They will both be played at Esker Beach, 900 Long Point Rd, Groton, CT. Easily sign up by clicking the Tournaments tab above and click Sign Up. Then find the dates on the schedule and follow the steps to sign up. Please remember you must be a ... More

MSNBC The Sandbox Feature

As we move forward to a new generation of The Sandbox, lets take a second and look back on how it all started... More

Deflate Gate

At The Sandbox, we will rely on Karch to personally inspect each Spalding KOB volleyball to be sure that it's inflated to a nominal pressure between 4 and 5 psi, per specification, or if he's not available, to "whatever feels right" by both teams! More