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Juniors Volleyball Tournaments

Sandbox is proud to announce or Juniors Volleyball Tournament Schedule.

June 28th 2015
July 26th 2015

They will both be played at Esker Beach, 900 Long Point Rd, Groton, CT.

Easily sign up by clicking the Tournaments tab above and click Sign Up. Then find the dates on the schedule and follow the steps to sign up. Please remember you must be a Volley America member, which you can sign up through the Volley America tab above.

Any questions please feel free to contact us.

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  1. Billy McCormick

    Hi, I’m interested in participating in the June or July tournament for the Juniors Beach Volleyball. However, I am a male and I would like to partake in the tournament with one of my friends that is a girl. I was wondering if it were okay to play Co-Ed in the Boys division for 18 and under?

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