Mixed 4s Mondays Schedule

Current Standings

1180100.00%Jo’ Mama – David Sellins
212380.00%Codys Still Disappointed – Daniel Loefstedt
312380.00%Spin & Spike – Jhune Bernardo
412380.00%Sky Dig – Ryan Yee
514477.78%Lil Nas Sets – Megan Susi
613572.22%Sure Shank Redemption – Chris Tibbets
76940.00%Ready Set Go – Bill Fish
871138.89%Set-Level Midnight – James Beard
951033.33%Critical roll shot — Drew Mihalko
1051327.78%The Establishment – Jen Cosmopoulos
1131516.67%Sets On The Beach – Sydney Lakowsky
121175.56%Id Hit That – Rachel Smith
130150.00%Take A Hit – Zachary Brusca

Full Schedule

Week 1
Mon, October 126:00 PMCourt 1Sure Shank RedemptionVsSets on the Beach
Mon, October 126:00 PMCourt 2Set-Level MidnightVsBye (Court time)
Mon, October 126:00 PMCourt 3Codys still disappointedVsReady Set Go
Mon, October 127:30 PMCourt 1Lil nas setsVsCritical Role Shot
Mon, October 127:30 PMCourt 2Jo' MamaVsI’d Hit That
Mon, October 127:30 PMCourt 3Take A HitVsSpin & Spike
Mon, October 129:00 PMCourt 1Syk DigVsBye (Court Time)
Mon, October 129:00 PMCourt 2Book This Court---
Mon, October 129:00 PMCourt 4Reserved---
Week 2
Mon, October 196:00 PMCourt 1Sets on the BeachVsSet-Level Midnight
Mon, October 196:00 PMCourt 2Bye (Court time)VsJo' Mama
Mon, October 196:00 PMCourt 3I’d Hit ThatVsSyk Dig
Mon, October 197:30 PMCourt 1Codys still disappointedVsSure Shank Redemption
Mon, October 197:30 PMCourt 2Spin & SpikeVsLil nas sets
Mon, October 197:30 PMCourt 3Ready Set GoVsTake A Hit
Mon, October 199:00 PMCourt 1Critical Role ShotVsBye (Court Time)
Mon, October 199:00 PMCourt 2Book This Court---
Mon, October 199:00 PMCourt 3Reserved---
Week 3
Mon, October 266:00 PMCourt 1Jo' MamaVsSets on the Beach
Mon, October 266:00 PMCourt 2Sure Shank RedemptionVsSet-Level Midnight
Mon, October 266:00 PMCourt 3Syk DigVsBye (Court time)
Mon, October 267:30 PMCourt 1Critical Role ShotVsI’d Hit That
Mon, October 267:30 PMCourt 2Lil nas setsVsReady Set Go
Mon, October 267:30 PMCourt 3Take A HitVsCodys still disappointed
Mon, October 269:00 PMCourt 1Bye (Court Time)VsSpin & Spike
Mon, October 269:00 PMCourt 2Book This Court---
Mon, October 269:00 PMCourt 3Reserved---
Week 4
Mon, November 26:00 PMCourt 1Spin & SpikeVsI’d Hit That
Mon, November 26:00 PMCourt 2Take A HitVsSure Shank Redemption
Mon, November 26:00 PMCourt 3Set-Level MidnightVsJo' Mama
Mon, November 27:30 PMCourt 1Bye (Court time)VsCritical Role Shot
Mon, November 27:30 PMCourt 2Sets on the BeachVsSyk Dig
Mon, November 27:30 PMCourt 3Ready Set GoVsBye (Court Time)
Mon, November 29:00 PMCourt 1Codys still disappointedVsLil nas sets
Mon, November 29:00 PMCourt 2
Mon, November 29:00 PMCourt 3
Week 5
Mon, November 96:00 PMCourt 1Sure Shank RedemptionVsJo' Mama
Mon, November 96:00 PMCourt 2Syk DigVsSet-Level Midnight
Mon, November 96:00 PMCourt 3Critical Role ShotVsSets on the Beach
Mon, November 97:30 PMCourt 1I’d Hit ThatVsReady Set Go
Mon, November 97:30 PMCourt 2Spin & SpikeVsBye (Court time)
Mon, November 97:30 PMCourt 3Lil nas setsVsTake A Hit
Mon, November 99:00 PMCourt 1Bye (Court Time)VsCodys still disappointed
Mon, November 99:00 PMCourt 2Book This Court---
Mon, November 99:00 PMCourt 3Nappi/CondeVsRyder/Dobbins
Week 6
Mon, November 166:00 PMCourt 1Set-Level MidnightVsCritical Role Shot
Mon, November 166:00 PMCourt 2Sets on the BeachVsSpin & Spike
Mon, November 166:00 PMCourt 3Jo' MamaVsSyk Dig
Mon, November 167:30 PMCourt 1Take A HitVsBye (Court Time)
Mon, November 167:30 PMCourt 2Ready Set GoVsBye (Court time)
Mon, November 167:30 PMCourt 3Lil nas setsVsSure Shank Redemption
Mon, November 169:00 PMCourt 1Codys still disappointedVsI’d Hit That
Mon, November 169:00 PMCourt 2Book This Court---
Mon, November 169:00 PMCourt 3Meg Smith /TBD VSWheeler/Slonski
Week 7
Mon, November 236:00 PMCourt 1Critical Role ShotVsJo' Mama
Mon, November 236:00 PMCourt 2Spin & SpikeVsSet-Level Midnight
Mon, November 236:00 PMCourt 3Ready Set GoVsSets on the Beach
Mon, November 237:30 PMCourt 1Sure Shank RedemptionVsSyk Dig
Mon, November 237:30 PMCourt 2Bye (Court time)VsCodys still disappointed
Mon, November 237:30 PMCourt 3I’d Hit ThatVsTake A Hit
Mon, November 239:00 PMCourt 1Bye (Court Time)VsLil nas sets
Mon, November 239:00 PMCourt 2Book This Court---
Mon, November 239:00 PMCourt 3Reserved---
Week 8
Mon, November 306:00 PMCourt 1Jo' MamaVsSpin & Spike
Mon, November 306:00 PMCourt 2Set-Level MidnightVsReady Set Go
Mon, November 306:00 PMCourt 3Take A HitVsBye (Court time)
Mon, November 307:30 PMCourt 1Bye (Court Time)VsSure Shank Redemption
Mon, November 307:30 PMCourt 2Codys still disappointedVsSets on the Beach
Mon, November 307:30 PMCourt 3Lil nas setsVsI’d Hit That
Mon, November 309:00 PMCourt 1Syk DigVsCritical Role Shot
Mon, November 309:00 PMCourt 2Book This Court---
Mon, November 309:00 PMCourt 3Reserved---

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