Indoor Beach
Volleyball Leagues

Summer Registration Open:
10 Weeks (Oct 3rd - Dec 18th)

Lots Of Leagues

Sign up to play 2s, 4s, or 6s.


Play 3 games match each night.


Great Sandbox Swag prizes for league winners!


Minimum of 8 weeks per session

75 Min Court Time

75 min of court time per match. End early? Keep Playing!

Volleyball Evening

Come before league for free pickup

Current Leagues SignUps

(Oct 3rd - Dec 18th)

Fours (mondays)

A – Full

  1.  Doing Something Weird
  2.  Set Level Midnight – Mitchell
  3.  That’s What She Sets – Kyle
  4.  All Sets Are Off – Brian
  5. Big Dig Lovers – Gabby
  6.  Can You Dig It? – Max
  7.  Hot Dog Sandwich – Nicholas
  8.  We’re Having Fun – Ethan 


  • Cant Stop Wont Stop – Tibbets

B – Full

  1.  One Hit Wonders – Abram
  2.  Setting Ducks – Cathy
  3.  Sets on the Beach – Mia
  4. Sandy Cheeks – Maria
  5. .Net – Max 
  6.  Sets on the Beach – Nathaniel
  7.  Alex Miller’s Fan Club – Lindsey
  8.  Set it and Forget it – Kaitlyn
  9.  Serv-vivors – Brian
  10.  Orville Ready-Blocker – Eric
  11.  Cunning Stunts – John
  12. Setsy & We Know It – Alyse
  13. Serving Looks – Rachel
  14. Consensual Sets – Tom
  15. MIZSPIKES – Jhune
  16. Big Ol’ DIgs – Kayla

Fours (tuesday) – Full

  1.   Mystic 10s – Boyd
  2.   Electric Goats – Chris
  3.   Serves you right – Dean
  4.  Taco Truck Drivers – Julia
  5.  Jo Mama – David 
  6. Notorious DIG – Meg
  7. Mean Girls & Greg – Greg
  8.  Serves You Right – Jacob
  9.  We Just Met – Vicky
  10.  Free Ballin’ – Gabby
  • Fours (thursdays)

A – Full

  1.  Block Mambas – Jeff
  2.  That’s What She Sets – Kyle
  3.  Hot Dog Sandwich – Nicholas
  4.  Double M – Nathan
  5. Setsie Bumps – Mellissa
  6. Breath of fresh heir – Michael

B – Full

  1.  Bourla’s Bump Buddies – Anthony
  2.  Sets in the Sandbox – Anna
  3. Red Hot Silly Peppers – Melati
  4. Stay Classy Sand Diego – Daniel
  5.  Go with the Flow – Kris
  6.  Boardwalk Bandits – Brian
  7. Calm Yo Tips – Gabby 
  8. New Friends – TBD

*If there is a wait list, please still sign up to hold a spot. We are trying to have multiple levels of divisions to increase fun of play. But if we do not fill up a level we will throttle other division up accordingly. 

Fours & Sixes Beach Volleyball Leagues

The Sandbox offers 4s volleyball. Get a group together and join us for a fun evening in our indoor beach. Mondays and Thursdays we have 4s. Get beach bragging rights and fantastic prizes join our leagues. All Fours and Sixes are Mixed leagues, so no requirement on number of men or women per team. 


Four 1.25 hour time slots between 5:30pm and 10:30pm

*taxes and fees included

Doubles Beach Volleyball Leagues

Looking to take your beach volleyball skills to the next level. Join one of our doubles leagues. Competitive beach volleyball that will improve your ability and give you a great workout. We have Mens, Womens and Coed. Coed must have one male and one female. 



Four 1.25 hour time slots between 5:30pm and 10:30pm / Days subject to change based on signups 

*taxes and fees included

Developmental League

The Sandbox biggest goal is to grow the sport of beach volleyball. We are offering a developmental league to achieve that purpose. It will be a fun relaxing time while also being very informative. If you are new to volleyball, looking to get the rust off, or just wanting to meet a new great group of people sign up! Enjoy the beach all year long with The Sandbox and develop your volleyball game.


Have Fun & Win Prizes

Sign up your team now to win prizes and gain bragging rights.