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The Sandbox

Indoor Beach Sports & Events

Indoor beach sports, private & corporate events, leagues and tournaments. Keep your toes in the sand all year round!

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Lots of beach volleyball leagues to discover. Sixes to doubles all levels welcome. 


Check out our indoor and outdoor beach tournament schedule.


The Sandbox provides a high level coaching experience all year round for juniors.


We have opened! Check out all the details and info about The Sandbox building. 

The Sandbox Facility

Our Indoor Beach Sports and Events Center offers 10,000 square feet of indoor beach space just off of I-95 in Groton CT. The facility allows us to offer beach sand sports and events all year long, even during the long, cold New England winters! We’ve brought in over 400 tons of the finest, premium-quality beach sand and built a unique and charming beach-themed facility that can accommodate a variety of beach sports as well as amazing private events. Come dip your toes in the sand with us here at The Sandbox!

Facility Highlights

400 tons

Amount of Sand

28 ft

Ceiling Height


Regulation Courts

Beach Volleyball Leagues

Take your beach volleyball game to the next level of skill and fun. The sandbox offers leagues of sixes, fours, and doubles in all levels of play. Divisions included Mens, womens, coed, and mixes. Visit our leagues page for all you options and schedule information. 

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